Friday, 6 February 2015

Otway Ranges & Great Ocean Road 5th Feb 2015

Joanna P1

This weeks bright idea saw us go for a 2 day and 2 night camping trip around the Otway Ranges along the Great Ocean Road.  The destination was Johanna Beach which is an area which has claimed it's fair share of ship wrecks over the years and also a popular surf spot for established and not-so surfers. We were going there for the view and the history.

In order to do it though required an 11 pm departure from Melbourne (leaving after Trace finished a tour to Wilson’s Prom) and a 2 hour drive to our first camp site.  Not a big deal as I had all day to pack and was eager to get back out there.

So picking her up we made our way via Winchelsea, down though Deans Marsh, meeting up with the Great Ocean Road just east of Lorne.  A little bit concerning along the way was the rain and drizzle which didn’t seem to appreciate that we were on holiday and was making every effort to turn the normally relaxing winding roads into something of an adventure in their own right.

The idea of putting up a tent in the rain at 2 am was not something that was screaming appeal to either of us as we debated the merits of finding the first dry spot to erect our refuge. 

The initial plan to head straight to Johanna Beach was abandoned due to a moment of lucidness and realism and instead we set our sites on our own private little camp site right next to the GOR.

This site is something that seems to be a very well kept secret from just about everybody as there is never anyone there and it truly is in a remarkable place.  (Unfortunately I am not able to disclose its exact location however it is somewhere between here and there).

Pulling into our home for the night was a reward we both deserved and were greeted by dry skies and the lulling sound of waves breaking on the nearby beach. 

5 minutes to put the tent up, unroll the beds, brush the teeth and off to sleep ZZzzzzzzz

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