Friday, 29 July 2011

Accreditation Approved

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Well yes finally !  26 July 2011 and Ethical Adventures is now an accredited operator in the NT.  WOW !  What doe that actually mean.  Well it means that the bloke sitting in the office in the MVR has had a look at my criminal record, insolvency record and general idea for a tour company and said "No Worries!! "  Excellent.  Now before I can actually start taking you folk out commercially I need to get my vehicle approved and the appropriate insurance coverage.  Formalities.  Sensational !!!

Went to Litchfield last week with some friends from work (medical staff IHMF) and it was a great day. Wangi still wasn't open but the Wildlife Park was a hit with the freshwater Whip Rays and Barramundie show as well as the Birds of Prey Show.  Wallowing  in the pools above Florence Falls cooled a few of us down as the rest sucked in the fresh wilderness air.   Be well all ! Rob

Monday, 4 April 2011

Change in Weather

It is April the 5th already and the humidity although still present is not as obvious as it has been.  The nights are gettig a little cooler and there is a slight breeze blowing across the landscape ...the dry is on the way !  This can not come sooner enough for the residents of Daly River who are again cut of due to flooding of that river.  I guess this will probably result in good Barra numbers soon so if there are any fishermen looking for the 'Big One'  up here is where it is at.

Be well.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Hello to all ...

This is the first Blog that I have ever written (I am slowly crawling out of the dark ages) so bare with me.  As our Blog title suggests we hope to bring Ethical Adventures to Australia and ultimately to the Pacific Region as  whole.  I personally have had this dream for about 15 years, ever since I relised that the way to help protect our environmental, social and cultural values was not by working as an environmental engineer for a mining company but rather by helping people take of the blinds which society and 'modern living' has placed on us.  Blinds that distance us and disconnects us from the natural wonder and beauty which is everywhere and deadens us to plight of others less fortunate (sorry for the soap box !) ...  This I have attempted to do through tourism .... above and below the water, in deserts and rainforrests and in cities and isolated areas ... here, abroad and in my sleep ... for other operators.  Now it is time to put it all together and actually get it done and do it right and relise the dream from long ago.

So hello to all ...  Our door is open and our journey has begun.

We would love to link up with other EA operators and Fair Trade suppliers all over to help build awareness of ethical tourism so please get in touch if that is you, and get in touch if it is not you as well !

Cheers for now,