Friday, 18 October 2013

The Finish/Start line approaches ... at last !

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... forgive me people for I have sinned !  It has been an eternity since I last updated .....  actually in reality it has been 2 years ... that is how long it has been since my last post ! Before I update on the present I might recap on some of the missing past.  It has been an interesting time which saw me pause the start of EA in the Territory and build some links elsewhere in Australia for future developments ...  to this end I headed down to Victoria for a period to do 3 day trips along the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians.  I sub contracted for Bunyip Tours and a fella named George Josevski.  He had come up to the NT for a holiday and came on a trip I was guiding into Arnhemland and asked if I wanted to come down for a look .... he seemed like a good bloke and I had never done tours in Victoria so I thought ... why not !  And off I went.

For those who don't know, Victoria has some of the best places to get out and about in Australia.  Coast, rainforests, mountains, skiing, rafting, hiking ... and the list goes on and on .... a fact that I only really appreciated after I started work down there !

I have to say that I suffered from what many suffer from ... the taking for granted of my everyday surroundings.  I had grown up just over the border and I had always believed that as soon as you crossed the NSW / Vic border the clouds began and no matter what I packed I always ended up being hot in winter and cold in summer when I travelled south and that outweighed anything else (I was a lot younger then) True to form after doing a 5 week journey through central Australia I arrived in Melbourne on a bitterly cold October day with drizzle and clouds and cars and ... I thought here we go again !

I could not have been more wrong.

What followed was one of my best summers ever ! Without going on and on and on ... I met some great people, made some true friends and discovered another part of Australia that I call home.  Hopefully EA will be able to link up with Bunyip and do a few things down there in the future.

Have attached some pics to give you an idea of how I spent my time.  Thanks to my co-conspirators (passengers) for the good times and the pics, George and the team at Bunyip and Trace for getting on board :)