Friday, 6 February 2015

I'm Back :)

Long Time No ...

Well an apology is order I know.  Almost 12 months and nothing !  No pictures, no blog nothing!!

Well I guess that tells a story in itself.  If you had been following us on Facebook then you would have seen that we started our tour operations in Darwin last year and had a fantastic, albeit full on season which left us little time or energy for blogging that’s for sure.

The problem being that I am a Virgo ... which means I want to do everything perfect (including blogging) or not at all.  This required time and energy I did not have and to be straight up I would rather be out ‘doing’ than writing about it.

SO here I sit working out what kind of blog to do after so long.  How to catch up ? What to catch u ?  Should I catch up ?  And most important what can I do to try and make it so I don’t neglect it as I have done thus far and yet be worthwhile for all concerned.

My answer .... Randomness J

Trace and I lead a pretty random life and our adventures follow that schedule.  With this in mind I will be attempting to include bits and pieces of adventures when I get the chance.  Probably not full stories but enough to give you an idea of what’s going on.   If by chance you want the full story by all means give us a shout and presto !

So ... no catching up.

Simply here we are ...

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  1. Good to see you back Rob. D day is fast approaching and we can't wait to catch you at the 3Ways