Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Joanna PIII - Otways

Driving through the ranges, taking in the beauty of nature as it goes about it's business in the face of modern life & times.  The little things which show so much colour and will for life celebrating in their diversity of form provide for visual relief from the deep healthy green of the majestic ferns and fronds.

Cascading waterfalls zesting the air as the minute spray cleanses the air and soothes the soul.  Is this why we love them so much or is it the grandeur in their freedom of flow and timeless efforts to keep pushing ahead ?

Overcoming obstacles, finding new ways and bringing life and renewal wherever they go ... or maybe it is just that you might be thirsty !

Looking around and it is easy to see how vibrant the natural world is and how balanced it can be.  Now though such places are in themselves few and far between such that the Otways are one of the last great refuges for many Australian plants and animals.  In this 140,000 Ha sanctuary we find 97 rare and threatened species of flora and 77 rare and threatened fauna.  Among our furry friends are the elusive spotted tail Quoll, bandicoots, possums, Koalas, Kangaroos and more all guaranteed to bring wonder to the visitor from near and far.

Alas even here though we still see scars on the face of such beauty in the form of felled trees, their base still bearing the evidence of how simple and easy it is to destroy.  In a manner of hours something which has lived for 100's of years is brought to the earth to breath no more.

Given time to think about this and it starts to raise questions in my mind ... is there a sustainable way we can live and maintain these environmental qualities ?  What are the root causes and can we fix the system ? It seems we as a species are ingenious, dedicated and obsessed with improving our life in the obvious way through cars, houses, gadgets and such that we have become blind to the real value which we are destroying.  

 I guess when it is all said and done ... 

'life goes on'.  

But life would it be without these natural gifts and places ?

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